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    Armytech is the most famouse highly specialized engine overhaul workshops dedicated to historic tank, car and motorcycle engines in Czech Republic, with clients all over Europe and United States. Please check out our museum.

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    The most precise and complete engine overhaul machine park in Czech Republic. We are able to produce virtually any spare part ourselves in the same way it had been produced originally, same finish and materials.

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    Each piece passes strict quality control and testing in every step of the engine overhaul process. But also each newly supplied spare part from the client or the original factory, is being tested with often surprising results..

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    Since 2015 we are certified for the overhaul of piston aircraft engines. "Experimental engine" certification. Please contact us to request an overhaul for your specific aircraft engine type..

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Armytech provides the highest quality historic tank engine overhaul, repair and restoration. We are specialized in overhauling rare historic Wehrmacht tank engines and transmissions of German and Czech origin.  Armytech is one of the last companies in Europe providing such a service.  Most antique tank knowledge has been lost and few understand either the specifications and materials that were used.  We are only working with highest quality German materials.  As many German tanks and parts were produced in the Czech Republic after the German invasion (Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren), we have inherited the knowledge and have access to much of the original materials from that era.

Armytech has experience in the following kinds of overhauls:

•     Original Jagdpanzer 38 (Hetzer) (see overhaul picture gallery and video of theoverhauled running Praga gasoline engine)

•     German Maybach HL230 tank engine overhaul, see our current Wehrmacht Panther Maybach HL230 tank engine overhaul gallery. This overhaul we are executing for Axistrackservices. This engine is a 23 liter V12 with 700HP used mainly in Panther, Tiger II and Jagdtiger.

•     New Project starting now: German Maybach HL120. This engine is a 11,9 liter V12 with 320HP used mainly in Panzer III, Sturmgeschütz III and Panzer IV. Complete Overhaul of the cylinderheads, grinding of the camshafts and new rollers and bearings. Engine has been a static display till now.

•     Heavy ship engine overhaul (Steam and Diesel engines) like of the historic passenger ship "Nepumuk" in Prague

•     All kinds of passenger car, racing car,and truck engines. Also compressor and turbo.

•     Czech engines Praga and Tatra

•     All kinds of valuable old-timer car engines for the national museum in Prague and many international clients.

We love to restore historic engines piece by piece. We have the most precise tools and machinery in the Czech Republic. An engine overhaul of a large tank engine usually takes us 3 to 6 month, depending on the condition.  We can get your engine(s) running smother and better than new because we bring them up to todays usage needs.  For example we adapt the engines compression, valve closing moments and valve seats to modern gasoline standards to guarantee full functioning under all conditions. We provide a world-wide guaranty and service for our restored engines for up to 50.000 km or 5 years.

Armytech has an excellent international reputation from collectors worldwide. We have  restored the tanks and many classic cars at the national Prague war Museum.

We can diagnose issues quickly and get your tank engines and transmissions up and running fast. In case of minor damages we also fly to your location to repair your tank on the spot.


Armytech Video Gallery