Our workshop has been certified for the overhaul of piston aircraft engines. We overhaul engines for private clients and our main client Walter Motor Service Co.Ltd.. The lizence is for experimental aircraft engine. Mainly we overhaul “Continental”, “Lycoming” and the excellent Czech “Walter” airplane engines, but can do any kind of piston engine. It was a long process but we managed with excellence and are one of the very few certified aircraft overhaul workshops in the Czech Republic. We are interested in international clients in need of piston airplane engine overhaul. If you need a certain rare type of engine overhauled, we can get it certified. In the exhibition of our airplane engine museum, which is run in cooperation with the Military Historic Institute in Prague, you can see airplane engines from first and second world war, till our days. Among the engines are many cut training engines. We use it as a knowledge base for our airplane engine overhauls. You can visit our Czech Museum page: