Extensive Quality Control Equipment

Thanks on having highest standard equipment to measure metal hardness, the resistance of springs, to check the crankshafts and housings with defectoscopy, we make sure each part overhauled is in perfect shape and has no invisible cracks.

Many new parts are defective
But you might be shocked to see how many spare parts we receive from original suppliers,  from Europe and USA, which we had to send back after checking the hardness of the material or the workmanship. Most of those suppliers outsourced and the quality is not the same anymore. So even with new bought spare parts produced by whomever it is necessary to do an intense quality check. Mostly after writing a technical quality report, we got new parts send with an apologize from the providers.

Using defective spare parts can ruin a great job and even cause irreparable damage to the engine block and crankshaft.