Little by little we are purchasing highly specialized engine overhaul equipment from all over the Czech Republic, but especially from companies like Maybach, Praga, Tatra and CKD, producing already for the German Wehrmacht. At the moment we have got the largest specialized engine overhaul machine park in the Czech Republic. Each of our purchased machines we overhauled to a precision of 1/100 mm. It took us many years of dedication to get to this point.

We are able to produce virtually any spare part ourselves in the same way it has been produced originally, with the same finish and materials.

Of course we improve the overhauled engines to today’s gasoline 95 or 98 octane, by calculating and changing the camshaft and valve closing moment mechanically, which is something most overhaul companies are not able to do as they only change the ignition. Also we mount historic high performance sodium filled aircraft valves to avoid any kind of overheating.
With these changes our overhauled engines outperform by far modern engines in life time and durability.